Located in historic Amherst County Virginia, The Farm is a marvelous mountainside retreat where guests can enjoy the stunning surroundings of Townley Farm. At The Farm, the focus is on rest, relaxation, and fellowship. Ten individual guest quarters and a large gathering space with shady verandas and a dining deck overlook the beautiful scenery in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

With a Jeffersonian farmhouse and guesthouse situated close by on the property, the new building is designed to reflect elements of its surroundings. It is on the site of an existing barn, which will be removed during construction. Planks from the existing structure and a cupola built by Mr. Townley are being saved and incorporated into the new building design. 

The comfortable lodgings are equipped with all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay, but don't expect to find television or Wi-Fi at The Farm. With ultra-efficient construction, geothermal heating and cooling, LED lighting, and Advantium cooking, The Farm is as modern as it is classic.

AJRC and OnPointe Consulting will perform all architectural services for this project.