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Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Chovan, Inc., along with Walker Parking Consultants &  Whittenberg Construction provided a complete design-build proposal for a new 838-car parking structure to accommodate both the current and future parking demands of the J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The proposed parking structure utilized materials and details to complement the Phase 1 building following the master plan concept of a consistent campus architectural appearance. The parking garage was completed in 2016.

The addition of a new multi-level, parking garage consisted of an infill project bounded by existing buildings on three sides. The poured-in-place, post-tentioned structure incorporated a combination of precast concrete exterior panels with a thin brick facing and traditionally set masonry, to be compatible with the adjacent buildings. This garage is connected to the Galt House Hotel and the new YUM Center Arena by way of a structural glass pedway over Third Street. The project also required alteration of existing Galt House parking assets.

This parking structure is designed for 1,000 cars, providing space for students, faculty and the public at the eastern edge of the Belknap Campus. The project includes 15,000 SF of University office space and a bridge over the existing railroad from the upper deck.


As a 1,265-car employee-parking garage, this project incorporates a secure and convenient pedestrian walkway that connects this garage with the main Medical Campus. The primary goal was to be visually compatible with the adjacent buildings; therefore, the selected materials and the overall design were articulated to create the image of an office building and not a parking garage. 

Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp provided complete architectural and engineering services.