University of Louisville J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entreprenuership

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Covered entries to the building at the northwest corner and west elevation provide convenient access to the elevator/stair tower of the garage where most of the building users will be arriving from. By directing the pedestrian traffic through the plaza, this will become a very exciting and active campus space instead of only a space to pass through. The market St. entrance provides a public streetside  "front door" and leads visitors though a two story atrium space visible from the street and plaza through a continuous glass wall. There is an opportunity for a two story feature wall that could be panels of glass or solid material so the room could expand for larger gatherings. 

The architectural design features gently curved "L shaped" forms at the lower 6 floors clad in brick, precast bands, metal vertical piers and storefront glazing windows to complement the Nucleus but with a new design expression. Once above the 6th floor, the top two floors are recessed back from metal corners of the building. 

On the west, we see the opportunity for balconies at each floor centered on the elevation which could be an attractive for tenants. 

The floor plan is organized with central core functions accessed by a single corridor running east to west. The entire north half of the building is available for maximum visibility tenant space needs such as retail. Service functions and loading dock are located at the east end.