This outdoor aviary, completed in 2012, was designed specifically for a pair of Steller’s Sea Eagles. It is more than 50 feet tall and features a stream and waterfall.

An artificial pine tree extends to the top of the exhibit. It features a nest 40 feet above the ground as well as tree limbs which encourage the eagles to fly from level to level. A nest-cam allows guests to unobtrusively watch the eagles raise any young that are hatched.

The eagles have neighbors that are a part of their natural ecosystem including azure-winged magpie, red-breasted geese, and mandarin ducks, which will all share the same space.

A thin mesh separates the magpie, geese, and ducks from the eagles but allows the birds to see into the eagles’ home. Several small openings in the mesh divider also allow them to cross over and explore the sea eagles’ habitat.

Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Chovan Inc. provided consulting and construction administration services in conjunction with PGAV, St. Louis, Missouri.