The Islands project incorporates the first ever multi-species rotational exhibit in the world. The special feature of the exhibit was developed for the first time at the Louisville Zoo. The primary benefits of this leading-edge design are as follows:

• The sequence of animal rotation simulates the way that these animals live in the wild and emulates the food chain inherent in the Indonesian wilderness.

• Rotating different animal species through the various habitats allows them to experience changing environments as well as stimulate the
animals’ interest.

• Changing the species in the various habitats provides the visitor with a new and different experience during each visit to the Zoo.

The architectural style of the viewing buildings creates an Indonesian village atmosphere, in keeping with the Island’s theme. The view buildings are organized around a common area to recreate the village environment. The heavy timber, cedar post and beam constructions are suggestive of the traditional framing techniques  incorporating rough-hewn logs gathered from the forest.