The project scope included a new Outdoor Bird Aviary and Bird Holding Building along with the following features:

  • Major modifications to the existing public pathway
  • Site improvements including extension of site utilities and regrading/tree removal as well new asphalt, fencing, and site lighting
  • Entry/Interpretive Building, built contiguous to the existing Australia Walkabout Interpretive building; (an addition to/renovation of the existing structure)
  • Covered Dining Area/Building
  • New Train Station
  • New children’s Playground Area due south of the existing Outback Oasis food service facility
  • Demolition of the existing railroad track and relocation/new construction of the railroad tracks in a new location
  • Construction of a new service road due south of the project site
  • Demolition of the existing outdoor dining area next to the Outback Oasis food service facility
  • Demolition of a portion of the existing Australian exhibit

Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Chovan, Inc. provided design/build architectural and engineering services in conjunction with zoological consultant CLR Design’s masterplan.