The Composite Medical Replacement Hospital is a CBR (chemical, biological, radiation)-protected facility designed for use by the United States Air Force as their major medical facility in the Middle East. The project consists of two separate, but major, components serving both peacetime and wartime conditions as they occur. The facility is equipped with a protected decontamination chamber and all life support systems capable of operating for 5 days without relying on exterior utilities. HEPA filters are used extensively throughout.

Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Chovan, Inc. provided complete architectural and engineering services. AJRC, Inc. also authored an operational manual outlining procedures for use by the facility.

  • Construction Budget $17,000,000 US
  • Actual Construction Cost $17,250,000 US
  • Gross Area 135,000 SF
  • Incirlik, Turkey

Peacetime Mode (aboveground)

The project consisted of a structure which serves as a daily use medical/dental clinic with a 35-bed inpatient component when operating in the peacetime mode. Normal provisions were made to protect against small arms and terrorist attacks.

Wartime Mode (underground)

The top peacetime mode structure was designed to blow away under major attack without transmitting moment forces to an underground structure which can be activated in a 48-hour period. The underground structure is capable of withstanding the blast of a 1,000-pound bomb detonated within 15 meters of the perimeter. This is a 220-bed, full-service facility designed to withstand chemical, biological, and radiation attack while operating in its own internal systems. Blast valves sense horizontal pressures and seal the building prior to the arrival of actual forces caused by the blast.